Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Video...


So it Begins....

Today is day number one back on the diet pill and diet. I've been REALLY thirsty but that's normal with the pill I'm taking. I need to get 25lbs off but my goal is 30. I NEED to do this because the way I'm feeling about how I look right now is effecting everything around me and effecting my mood every day. Believe me, people don't want to be around a grumpy person; especially a grumpy me :) So here's to hoping that I can get these pounds off and start feeling good again.

Here's to eating rabbit food for the next three months...yay I'm so excited I can barely contain myself :o/

LOTD: Mary Kay and Revlon

Hey ya'll! Here's a look I did using my new Mary Kay eyeshadows and blush and one Revlon eyeshadow. Enjoy!                                    Yeah I'm Silly what of it :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Avon 12 in 1 Palette Swatches!

Here is the Avon 12 in 1 Palette swatches! These are beautiful eyeshadows and definitely worth the $9.99! Very pigmented and the staying power is good. Avon has been around for awhile but I've never really given their make up a chance but I am definitely going to be looking into their products more! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FOTD - 12 in 1 Avon Palette

Here is the look I created today! I used the Avon 12 in 1 eyeshadow palette which is just freaking AWESOME!!! The eyeliner I used is by Physicians Formula and its the gel liner for Blue Eyes (it comes in a stackable cubes with brown, black and blue gel liner). On my face is Beauty Control Face Primer, Neutrogena and Revlon Colorstay Foundations and Cover Girl loose mineral powder. On my lips I have NYX Peekaboo Neutral lip liner and NYX lipstick in the color Georgia. Any questions just ask!

FOTD - True Blood Palette

This is a look I did last Friday and forgot to post it! I used all the products I got in the Tarte True Blood Palette! On my face I have: Beauty Control Face Primer, Neutrogena and Revlon Colorstay foundations, Cover Girl loose powder and Bonnie Bell loose bronzer.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Earrings I've Made!

These are earrings that I've made! I sell them at work and at my mom's work for $2. Let me know if you want a pair! Thanks!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mini-Mini Haul :)

This was just a little haul! Some things my boyfriend bought and the other items are from the order I made on Urban Decay's website! Enjoy!!