Sunday, October 28, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Swatches

Hey y'all! So since I'm slowly becoming addicted to these Infallible eyeshadows I figured I'd go ahead and swatch the ones that I have. Any questions just ask and if you're interested in a tutorial I can do that too!! Thanks for reading :)

These two swatches are the Limited Edition Infallible shadows from L'Oreal's diamond collection I believe. On the left is Blinged and Brilliant; On the right is Primped and Precious. I grabbed the last two of these colors in the display but I've heard they are hard to find and not a lot of places are carrying them. So if you find them you're lucky!!!

These swatches are from the Infallible permanent line. The colors are from left to right. Golden Sage, Continuous Cocoa, Gold Imperial, Infinite Sky and Amber Rush.

The Verdict on these shadows:
  • Very pigmented
  • Long wearing (with and without primer)
  • Soft and easy to blend
  • You can wear the shadows lightly on the lid or you can build the color up and get a great effect.
  • There are a wide range of colors, so if you are more of the neutral person there's colors for you! If you like brighter colors, they've got those too!!
  • I LOVE these shadows so much and you can wear them so many different ways!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012!

Hey y'all! So here are all the items that I received to test from Influenster. Let me know if you've tried any of these products and what you're thoughts are on them! Thanks for reading! Enjoy :)

NYC Individual Eyes Custom Compact for Brown Eyes: $4.99 retail

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit: $5.99 retail - Complete with eyelashes, glue and applicator!

Bath & Body Works Mini Candle in Black Pepper Bergamot: $3.50 retail

EBOOST Effervescent Powder: $28 for 20 retail - Suppose to boost your mood, focus and immunity with no crash!

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin: $7.29 retail

Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Frizz Control  Hair Cream: $6.00 retial for 4oz bottle

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sephora by OPI Polish

Here's the only polish I have that's the "Sephora by OPI" in the color New Year's Red-solution. Get it..bahahahaha LAME-O!! Kidding :) Anyways like I said this is the only polish that I have like this but I love it so much that I may need to invest more!! This color would have been fine with one coat because it is soooo opaque. It glides onto the nails like butter and it just beautiful. It's not goopey and hard to apply and it dries at a decent rate (like most polishes, it feels like eternity to dry!!!! LOL). If you have any other colors let me know because like I said, I'm seriously looking at investing in more of these, especially when they go on clearance :)

I Love Fall Nail Polish!!!

Here's a video showcasing all of my top picks for Fall polishes. Y'all know I'm a nail polish junkie at heart so the video is a bit long :) Enjoy!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

E.L.F Jumbo Eye Pencils

So I'm back and I miss blogging! I really need to get my butt in gear and do this more often!! It's just hard when working a full time job to remember I have this blog and followers and I need to get off my ass and BLOG!!!
Anywho, I wanted to post swatches of the new Elf Jumbo Eye pencils I mentioned in my latest video. I had not taken them out of the package yet when I filmed so I figured I'd take pictures of swatches and post here I hope y'all enjoy and hopefully soon I'll be able to do a good detailed review on these!

First impressions: The jumbo eye pencils are pigmented and very creamy. The color pay off is beautiful and I did have a hard time wiping them off my arm after I did the swatches (I used no primer or anything I just swatched them on my bare arm). I am unsure if they sell these in the stores, I haven't seen them at any of the Target's around me, but they are on the eyeslipsface website for $2. I will be comparing these to the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, which I absolutely love! Hopefully these won't be a total fail like the Wet and Wild ones were! Stay tuned!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Negative Nancy....

So this weekend was NOT an easy one. I fell into my usual self pity, beat myself up negative attitude routine this weekend. It SUCKED! I’m feeling better today but getting those negative cobwebs out of your head can be difficult. We are all our worst enemy but boy am I hard on myself...I can say some pretty mean and ugly comments to myself in the mirror and that my friends IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! GO AWAY NEGATIVE're a bitch and no one likes you!’m going to try and stay more positive and do things the right way. I have vowed to myself that I will no longer eat out anywhere until I trust myself to eat out and chose healthier choices. This is going to be very hard because my bf and I, when he comes to visit, go out to eat all the time. Although lately he’s been cooking for me because he’s a wonderful cook but there's a problem...…MY PORTION CONTROL!!! I feel like spitting when I say that!

So my vow is I will not be eating out unless there’s no way around it and if I have to then it will be a salad with dressing on the side. I will eat my Smart Ones and like it damnit! They get boring but if I want results I have to work on it, it won’t happen on its own.

So here’s to a second week of going to the gym in the morning and doing my 35-45 min elliptical work out and eating healthy. I will say I’ve found some great 12 min work out videos on Pinterest for abs and arms which I’m excited to do in the evening.

I want to do progression photos but I will not be able to post them on here because well let’s face it…that’s just too damn hard for me to do right now, especially with how disgusted I am with my body. I do have the pictures but I will post as I progress.

So here’s to smaller portions, working out and getting my head out of my ass! I’ve GOT to stop being so hard on myself, it only adds to difficulty of losing weight. I WILL DO THIS! MUST.STAY.MOTIVATED!!!!!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day Two!

Day Two:

So my second day of working out and eating right is going good so far. I went to the gym this morning and I did the treadmill for 35 minutes at an almost 8% incline and a speed of 3.5 mph. Now one might think that will give you a work out…well yes it does, I sweated my ass off BUT I only burned 244 calories. REALLY?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! I do the elliptical for 35 min at a 5-6 mph pace and I burn almost 500 calories…kind of felt like a letdown.

BUT I want to switch between doing the elliptical and the treadmill because I honestly can tell that different muscles are being used for each machine. I will tell you this, I sweat my ass off today on that treadmill, more than I ever do on the elliptical…weird!!! I want to work arms, legs and abs out but that will be probably on the weekend or I may find a video I can do at home in the evening that will cover those aspects. Why don’t I just work arms, legs and abs at the gym you ask…well it’s because nasty sweaty STINKY men hoard the weight lifting machines and they don’t clean their equipment off after using it (which you’re SUPPOSE to do at my gym!!). So yeah I don’t usually do the other equipment.

If anyone has a great, not too long video that covers abs and possibly arms that I can do at home PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

As far as food intake I’m staying right on track; breakfast this morning was a yummy Smart Ones: Pancakes and Turkey sausage. It’s very filling and tastes OHHHH so yummy!

Okay so that’s it for today. Again please let me know of any videos that you recommend for abs and arms. I don’t want some 45 minute to a 1 hour video just something I can do each night at home to make sure I’m getting in my abs and arms!

Quote of the Day:


Monday, July 30, 2012

A New Journey......

Okay so here goes nothing…not only will this blog be my beauty blog but I’ve decided it’s going to be my weight loss blog as well! It’s time I took control of my life and did something. I’m tired of being unhappy with myself, depressed and a hermit who hides in her home because she’s uncomfortable being out (lame I know). Now don’t get me wrong I’m not gi-normous (as I like to say) but I need to lose about 50lbs.

I previously lost over 60lbs two years ago while living with my parents after a crappy divorce. Some of the weight loss was due to the stress and emotional roller coaster I was on from the divorce but I also decided to see a weight loss MD and get put on prescription diet pills. Boy oh boy when I first went on those pills I dropped it like it’s hot!! I was on a very strict, very healthy, very expensive diet! I was living with my parents so I really didn’t have anything to pay for so I was able to afford all those things. That’s not so much the case now.

 I now own my own home, which I worked VERY hard to get, so my money isn’t so readily available! I’ve got a mortgage, electric, water and other bills to pay for by myself which can really limit what I can and cannot buy. So I’m putting myself not only on a weight loss plan (I’m currently figuring it out!) but also a budget, with the help of my dear sweet boyfriend of course so I can afford the healthier foods!

So I will now be blogging, at least I hope to keep this up, about my journey, my ups and downs and possibly recipes and words of encouragement for anyone else out there that might need it. I will also post beauty related stuff on here too so don’t freak out if you see a healthy food recipe then a video on hair products!! J That’s just how I roll!

Any kind of support or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated! If you’re currently trying to lose weight then let’s encourage each other!

I have four ways you can communicate with me: 1. Is on here of course; 2. My Facebook Fanpage: Ohh For the Love of Makeup (if you subscribe to my youtube videos you will find the link) 3. My email:  and 4. Twitter (which I’ve just started getting back into!) @candyland1081.

I’m crossing my fingers that I can accomplish my goal and stop being a hermit!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sinful Colors: Cinderella!

Okay so every one knows I'm a nail polish junkie...and if you don't then now you do! I have always loved the Sinful Colors nail polish that is sold at Walgreens (and Target). They come in so many different colors and are absolutely beautiful! They are very opaque, semi chip resistant (unless you use a good top coat) and the best part...they're only $1.99! I own MANY of the Sinful Colors nail polishes but boy oh boy have I been loving this color lately called CINDERELLA! It's a beautiful almost Robin's egg blue with very small/milled specs of glitter (the glitter has hints of white and pink). I just adore this polish! In the picture below I have three coats would have done okay with maybe two coats but I wanted a richer color pay off so I did three.

Overall Grade: A+
I just love Sinful Colors! They've got HUNDREDS (slightly dramatic with that number!) of colors to choose from and I know Walgreens is always having a deal on them! So go out and grab you some Sinful Colors polish and let me know which are your favorites!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Look Collab - Playful Pansy!

Hey ya'll so I am doing a collab with some other beauty bloggers and YTubers! We had to create a Spring look and this is what I came up with :) It's called "Playful Pansy"!

 Eyes: WetnWild cream shadow in Techno; WetnWild Trio in Fauna; Sigma Flare palette; MAC Pigment in Rose; WetnWild palette in Petal Pusher; NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk; BeautiControl Liquid Liner in Black.

Face: Revlon Photo Ready foundation in Nude and Natural Beige; Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Translucent;  Milani Minerals Powder in True Beige; NYC Sunny bronzer; Rimmel blush in Santa Rosa

Lips: L'Oreal Infallible lip gloss in Pink Topaz

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Make Up I've Done!

Let me know if you want to book a wedding or an event with me...I'd LOVE to do your makeup! Thank you to all the lovely ladies who allowed me to do their makeup in the following pictures. Also a BIG THANKS to my friend Renee and Truly Sweet Photography for taking the some of  te young ladies pictures below!

My Looks!

Since I don't have a true website I thought I'd post here some looks I've created on myself as well as some of the ladies I've already done makeup on! Let me know if you want to book a wedding or an event with me, I'd love to do you makeup!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

CVS = 75% off Make Up and Nail Polish!

Hey ya'll! So I went to CVS today to go pick up my prescription and I decided to browse the make up section, surprise surprise :) Well they still had a lot of items 50% - 75% off. Here are a few things that I picked up! Only spent about $9 and some change with a saving of over $24! That's what I'm talking about!

 From left to right: Spoiled (new wet and wild colors): Bite Me; Sally Hanson: Purple Pulse; Milani: Ms Milani

                                 From let to right: Milani - Raspberry Fusion; Milani - Pink Lady

                                                    Milani Glitzy Glamor Lipgloss - First Class

So thee ya go, all my wonderful things I got at CVS for such a good deal! I know not all CVS stores are having the same sale or have different items on sale but go check it out anyways. I have been in 4 different CVS stores and have found different things on clearance in each store. Hope you enjoyed!! :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maybelline: 24 Hour Color Tattoo Eyeshadows!

Hey ya'll! So here are some swatches of the new Color Tattoos by Maybelline. I know these are the hot ticket right now and to be honest...they deserve to be!!

These are soooo similar to MAC paint pots it's unreal, except they're MUCH more affordable! I have 3 MAC paint pots and they retail at $16.50 and the specialty ones are $18.50. The Color Tattoos range from $5-$10 depending on where you get them (WalMart sells them for around $5.88). I love these. They don't crease, they last forever and the color pay off is amazing. They blend easily and you can wear them on their own in all their glory or you can add eyeshadow to really make the colors pop and last much longer!

Okay so now on to the swatches. I don't have every single one of them but I have most of them!

 Colors from left to right: Tenacious Teal - shimmer; Pomegranate Punk - shimmer; Audacious Asphalt - shimmer; Edgy Emerald - shimmer; Bad to the Bronze - shimmer; Tough as Taupe - matte; Too Cool - shimmer.

These are on my arm with NO primer and NO flash! All are shimmers except one. A side note...I still have these on my arm because I went to wipe them off and yeah...they're not budging! I've worn a few of these already and I will say that WITH eyeshadow they last longer throughout the day. Also, make sure you use eye makeup remover cause I tried just washing them off my eyes at the end of the day and again...they don't budge.

Overall grade: A+++
Maybelline is really doing an awesome job with their makeup. To be able to compare a drugstore product to a high end product almost to a tee, doesn't always come easy because there are always differences. I will say that MAC has a lot more colors to choose from but if Maybelline continues to sell these like they are...I see them making many more colors in the future!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Make Up Mistakes!

So how many of us make mistakes, or better yet, make up mistakes?!?!?! I know I have made plenty of mistakes with make up before and kicked myself in the butt for doing it because I KNEW better! So here are some major no good don't do mistakes with make up! I picked up on these in my make up artistry classes!

1. Wrong Foundation Color - This is one of the FIRST make up mistakes people make: not testing their foundation and picking the right color. That's a bummer when you buy a nice foundation you get home and apply it and you end up looking like a jack-o-lantern or Casper the friendly ghost! NO GOOD! Don't test your foundation on your wrist! This is a BIG misconception because of the naturalness of the skin on your wrist. Problem is...the color on your wrist can differ DRASTICALLY from your face. Swatch your foundation on your cheekbones in natural light to get your actual color!

2.  Too Much Make Up to Cover Unwanted Areas - Ever had that pimple or spot on your face that you just want to GO AWAY?!?!?!? Lord knows I have!! And you think just piling that foundation or concealer on it will just make it disappear for awhile and look all smooth. NOPE! It's only going to make it look like a nice smooth crater on your face..YUCK! Or if you're trying to cover up dark circles under your eyes and you keep adding and adding and adding concealer!! You want to find a good counselor that fits your skin tone and is full coverage. I know for me some concealers turn to oil slicks on my face after about 2 hours! Choose a concealer that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your normal kin tone and apply it before OR after your foundations depending on the purpose you want to use it for!

3. Lip Liner and Lipstick Don't Match - Okay this is not the 1980's! The dark lip liner with just some lip-gloss trend is WAY OVER!!!! Unless you want to look ghetto fabulous please don't do this cause no matter what it does NOT look good!!!! Try to find a lip linear that is within a shade or two of your lipstick so that it's easy to blend the colors together!

4. Incorrect Blush Application - Okay so we all know those ladies who look like they are getting ready to audition for the circus with their big ole' red cheeks!! Yuck! It makes me think of when I was a little girl and I had this almost life size Barbie that you could apply makeup too...I literally colored my Barbie’s face...she had the pinkest, reddest cheeks you'd ever seen! This is not pretty my friends! I think this is why a lot of women stay away from using blush because they feel they just don't know how to apply it correctly and have a fear of having too much. Applying a light blush can help ease those fears and help you learn the contours of your cheekbones and what is comfortable for you. Remember: you can always start very light and build it up gradually! Don't be afraid!! Blush can make a HUGE difference in a look!

5. Using Dirty Brushes and Tools - So I tend to get a little lazy when it comes to washing my make up brushes but lately I've been MUCH better about doing this! It's very important that you wash your make up brushes because well they're touching your face daily and your face has a lot of bacteria that can turn into icky germs if not careful! I use baby shampoo and lukewarm water to clean my brushes and it works just fine. I know that Ulta, Sephora and drugstores also have brush cleaners. I have used the one sold at CVS, its a black bottle and I believe it's by Essences of Beauty??? Not entirely sure but it sucks monkey butt!!! It just made my brushes smell didn't put a dent in actually cleaning them. Also, if you've been playing in your make up and putting it on other...VERY IMPORTANT that you clean your brushes before you use them again!! Don't spread yucky ducky germy germs!!

Okay so those are just a few make up mistakes I've learned about since starting my make up artistry course. I'm having so much fun learning all these new things and I love that I can share them with ya'll! Thanks so much for reading and until next fabulous, you deserve it!