Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sinful Colors: Cinderella!

Okay so every one knows I'm a nail polish junkie...and if you don't then now you do! I have always loved the Sinful Colors nail polish that is sold at Walgreens (and Target). They come in so many different colors and are absolutely beautiful! They are very opaque, semi chip resistant (unless you use a good top coat) and the best part...they're only $1.99! I own MANY of the Sinful Colors nail polishes but boy oh boy have I been loving this color lately called CINDERELLA! It's a beautiful almost Robin's egg blue with very small/milled specs of glitter (the glitter has hints of white and pink). I just adore this polish! In the picture below I have three coats would have done okay with maybe two coats but I wanted a richer color pay off so I did three.

Overall Grade: A+
I just love Sinful Colors! They've got HUNDREDS (slightly dramatic with that number!) of colors to choose from and I know Walgreens is always having a deal on them! So go out and grab you some Sinful Colors polish and let me know which are your favorites!!!

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  1. Love that colour! I recently bought the Sinful colors crackle coat polish in black and it works so well! Better than any other crackle polish I've tried.