Friday, August 26, 2011

Lots of Reviews...and More Reviews!

So if you've seen my "Lots of Reviews on Lots of Products" video you'll know that I reviewed a variety of makeup by a variety of brands. Here's my grading again on the products (just in case ya missed it)!!!

1.Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeliners - B
     I gave this a B because they were so difficult to put on my upper lid; on the lower lid, it looked fabulous!

2. NYX lip liners, lipsticks and jumbo lip pencils - A+
     It's NYX Fix :)!!! I can't express how much I love these products. They're creamy, pigmented and long

3. ELF Mist and Set - B
     I believe this is more of a "mist" then a "set"; but works great for your makeup brushes when using a
     baked shadow!

4. ELF Waterproof eyeliner - C-
     This was the lowest score of all the products. The liner is dry an very difficult to put on.

5. ELF Complexion Perfection - B
      This is a great light weight powder that can cancel out redness; not perfect but it works!

6. Cover Girl blush - A+
     Best drugstore blush in my opinion; its pigmented and definitely lasts all day!

7. ELF Mineral eyeshadows - A+
     One of the best products that ELF makes; try these out, you won't be sorry, I promise!!!

8. ELF Cream Shimmer quad - B
     One word: crease crease crease!! These will crease immediately on you but they are wonderful for

9. NYX Eyebrow pencil - A+
     Great eyebrow pencil tat lasts all day!

10. Maybelline Falsies and XXL Pro Mascara - A+
      The most reached for mascara for me! The XXL Pro has to the two sized brushes so you can go simple
       or you can go voluminous!!

11. Tremme Dry Shampoo - B
       It's not the miracle worker against "dirty" hair but it definitely tones down the "oily", "greasy" look!

12. NYX Caribbean Palettes - A+
       These palettes are hand down go pick some up!

This is where I got my NYX stuff for a great price:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I love this look!!

I created this look using a palette I received from a coworker. It's by the line BeautiControl and it's a palette that has three eye-shadows and two lip glosses which I don't use. The palette is called Energy but of course I had to give the colors individual names :) Enjoy!

Colors from left to right are: Vitality, Stamina and Pizzazz

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Cream Shadow Pencils Review

Hey ya'll! So it seems that cream eye shadow pencils are really popular these days and there are so many different brands that carry them it's hard to know which to try. I've put a little review together of the cream pencils that I own and maybe that will get you on your way to finding  which ones you like!

Okay so in my opinion these are the most popular eyeshadow pencils which are made by NYX. I plan on getting all that they make but these are the ones I have. I usually only buy one or two to see if I'm going to like them cause there's no sense in buying every color then totally hating the product!! The colors I have swatched from top to bottom are Iced Mocha, Cottage Cheese, Strawberry Milk, Slate and Yogurt. If I had to grade these they'd get an A+ for sure. They are so wearable, the color pay off is amazing and I've never had a problem with them creasing. I usually wear them under my eye-shadows to really make them pop and to make the shadow last longer So if you want to try cream eyeshadow pencils these are the ones to get and they're inexpensive.

The next eyeshadow pencils I wanted to review are by Maybelline. I actually got all of these from the Dollar Tree and I love them. Three of the colors are the Metallic Fx and two are Cool Effect. No they're not NYX, but again the color pay off is great and they wear really well. The swatched colors from top to bottom are:  Copper Shimmer, Metal Petal, Aqua Metal, Steely Gaze and Cool Beans. I will say that after wearing these for about 7 or more hours I did notice my eyeshadow and the cream shadow start to crease (this was even with an eyeshadow primer) so just beware. If you touch up your makeup throughout the day then you probably will not have a problem with creasing; I just don't have time at work to "touch up"!! If you want something much less expensive to test out then you can't go wrong with these considering they're a $1. So in grading these I'd give them an A.

The Wet and Wild cream pencils are my least favorite. I bought them with high expectations because WnW has really upped their game with their products. I love their trios, eye shadow palettes, eye liners and nail polishes. So I figured I was going to love their shadow pencils. I don't hate them but I don't absolutely love them and here's why: they don't last. I used the purple cream pencil (techno) and then applied a beautiful purple from the WnW Dream Weaver collection. As soon a I start patting the shadow on top of the cream pencil, it started to instantly rub off. I had to reapply the purple pencil twice to get the desired look I was going for. The staying power of these pencils are just not good. I plan on working more with them because the colors are just gorgeous. With all of that I would give these a solid C. The only reason I am not failing these is because the colors are beautiful and it just takes some muscle to really work with these. The swatches that are shown above (from top to bottom) are: Techno, Distress, Electro and Envy.

So that's my review on cream shadow pencils that I've tried and I love! I don't buy the high end cream pencils because well I am a bargain shopper at heart and I just can't justify buying super expensive makeup because of the name on the product. There is plenty of great, affordable makeup out there that won't make you sell a kidney to get your hands on it!! I'm not knocking high end makeup so don't get your panties in a wad :) I'm just expressing my love for the underdogs of makeup!!