Monday, July 30, 2012

A New Journey......

Okay so here goes nothing…not only will this blog be my beauty blog but I’ve decided it’s going to be my weight loss blog as well! It’s time I took control of my life and did something. I’m tired of being unhappy with myself, depressed and a hermit who hides in her home because she’s uncomfortable being out (lame I know). Now don’t get me wrong I’m not gi-normous (as I like to say) but I need to lose about 50lbs.

I previously lost over 60lbs two years ago while living with my parents after a crappy divorce. Some of the weight loss was due to the stress and emotional roller coaster I was on from the divorce but I also decided to see a weight loss MD and get put on prescription diet pills. Boy oh boy when I first went on those pills I dropped it like it’s hot!! I was on a very strict, very healthy, very expensive diet! I was living with my parents so I really didn’t have anything to pay for so I was able to afford all those things. That’s not so much the case now.

 I now own my own home, which I worked VERY hard to get, so my money isn’t so readily available! I’ve got a mortgage, electric, water and other bills to pay for by myself which can really limit what I can and cannot buy. So I’m putting myself not only on a weight loss plan (I’m currently figuring it out!) but also a budget, with the help of my dear sweet boyfriend of course so I can afford the healthier foods!

So I will now be blogging, at least I hope to keep this up, about my journey, my ups and downs and possibly recipes and words of encouragement for anyone else out there that might need it. I will also post beauty related stuff on here too so don’t freak out if you see a healthy food recipe then a video on hair products!! J That’s just how I roll!

Any kind of support or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated! If you’re currently trying to lose weight then let’s encourage each other!

I have four ways you can communicate with me: 1. Is on here of course; 2. My Facebook Fanpage: Ohh For the Love of Makeup (if you subscribe to my youtube videos you will find the link) 3. My email:  and 4. Twitter (which I’ve just started getting back into!) @candyland1081.

I’m crossing my fingers that I can accomplish my goal and stop being a hermit!



  1. Hey girl that's great that you have taken your life into your own hands! I am on a weightloss journey too! I started last month and have lost 10 pounds. I still would like to lose 40 pounds but slowly but surely I will get there! Something that has really helped me is pinning workout tips, videos, healthy meals and snacks on pinterest!! I have found some amazing workouts on there! Oh also other motivational blogs!! Good luck and I look forward to seeing your progress! We can motivate eachother! :)

  2. Hey there!! Yay I'm so glad to see others on the smae can sometimes feel like I'm the only one struggling with weight! I LOVE Pinterest! I get healthy recipes on there as well as motivational sayings. I will have to look for exercises on there, never thought to look for that!!We can def motivaate each other!!