Saturday, October 13, 2012

E.L.F Jumbo Eye Pencils

So I'm back and I miss blogging! I really need to get my butt in gear and do this more often!! It's just hard when working a full time job to remember I have this blog and followers and I need to get off my ass and BLOG!!!
Anywho, I wanted to post swatches of the new Elf Jumbo Eye pencils I mentioned in my latest video. I had not taken them out of the package yet when I filmed so I figured I'd take pictures of swatches and post here I hope y'all enjoy and hopefully soon I'll be able to do a good detailed review on these!

First impressions: The jumbo eye pencils are pigmented and very creamy. The color pay off is beautiful and I did have a hard time wiping them off my arm after I did the swatches (I used no primer or anything I just swatched them on my bare arm). I am unsure if they sell these in the stores, I haven't seen them at any of the Target's around me, but they are on the eyeslipsface website for $2. I will be comparing these to the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, which I absolutely love! Hopefully these won't be a total fail like the Wet and Wild ones were! Stay tuned!


  1. thanks for this, been looking for swatches before purchasing these! looking forward to your reviews

  2. You're more than welcome :) I'm still on the fence about them because they crease sooo easily BUT I'm working on them!!!