Friday, January 13, 2012

Make Up Mistakes!

So how many of us make mistakes, or better yet, make up mistakes?!?!?! I know I have made plenty of mistakes with make up before and kicked myself in the butt for doing it because I KNEW better! So here are some major no good don't do mistakes with make up! I picked up on these in my make up artistry classes!

1. Wrong Foundation Color - This is one of the FIRST make up mistakes people make: not testing their foundation and picking the right color. That's a bummer when you buy a nice foundation you get home and apply it and you end up looking like a jack-o-lantern or Casper the friendly ghost! NO GOOD! Don't test your foundation on your wrist! This is a BIG misconception because of the naturalness of the skin on your wrist. Problem is...the color on your wrist can differ DRASTICALLY from your face. Swatch your foundation on your cheekbones in natural light to get your actual color!

2.  Too Much Make Up to Cover Unwanted Areas - Ever had that pimple or spot on your face that you just want to GO AWAY?!?!?!? Lord knows I have!! And you think just piling that foundation or concealer on it will just make it disappear for awhile and look all smooth. NOPE! It's only going to make it look like a nice smooth crater on your face..YUCK! Or if you're trying to cover up dark circles under your eyes and you keep adding and adding and adding concealer!! You want to find a good counselor that fits your skin tone and is full coverage. I know for me some concealers turn to oil slicks on my face after about 2 hours! Choose a concealer that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your normal kin tone and apply it before OR after your foundations depending on the purpose you want to use it for!

3. Lip Liner and Lipstick Don't Match - Okay this is not the 1980's! The dark lip liner with just some lip-gloss trend is WAY OVER!!!! Unless you want to look ghetto fabulous please don't do this cause no matter what it does NOT look good!!!! Try to find a lip linear that is within a shade or two of your lipstick so that it's easy to blend the colors together!

4. Incorrect Blush Application - Okay so we all know those ladies who look like they are getting ready to audition for the circus with their big ole' red cheeks!! Yuck! It makes me think of when I was a little girl and I had this almost life size Barbie that you could apply makeup too...I literally colored my Barbie’s face...she had the pinkest, reddest cheeks you'd ever seen! This is not pretty my friends! I think this is why a lot of women stay away from using blush because they feel they just don't know how to apply it correctly and have a fear of having too much. Applying a light blush can help ease those fears and help you learn the contours of your cheekbones and what is comfortable for you. Remember: you can always start very light and build it up gradually! Don't be afraid!! Blush can make a HUGE difference in a look!

5. Using Dirty Brushes and Tools - So I tend to get a little lazy when it comes to washing my make up brushes but lately I've been MUCH better about doing this! It's very important that you wash your make up brushes because well they're touching your face daily and your face has a lot of bacteria that can turn into icky germs if not careful! I use baby shampoo and lukewarm water to clean my brushes and it works just fine. I know that Ulta, Sephora and drugstores also have brush cleaners. I have used the one sold at CVS, its a black bottle and I believe it's by Essences of Beauty??? Not entirely sure but it sucks monkey butt!!! It just made my brushes smell didn't put a dent in actually cleaning them. Also, if you've been playing in your make up and putting it on other...VERY IMPORTANT that you clean your brushes before you use them again!! Don't spread yucky ducky germy germs!!

Okay so those are just a few make up mistakes I've learned about since starting my make up artistry course. I'm having so much fun learning all these new things and I love that I can share them with ya'll! Thanks so much for reading and until next fabulous, you deserve it!

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