Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My trip to the Dollar Tree!

So I decided to stop in at the Dollar Tree that is close to my work while I was on break to pick up some fake flowers (I like to make my own hair flowers) and I decided to take a walk down their make-up isle. At this particular Dollar Tree it's a hit or miss with their make-up so I figured why not check out to see what they got since I haven't been there in awhile. Well they had a lot of stuff but the one thing I was drawn to were the eye shadow creams in the little tubes. I got six of them! Three are by L'Oreal and three by Maybelline.

The three top tubes are by L'Oreal and the colors are (left to right): Mauve Chill, Cool Sorbet and Peach Daquri. The bottom tubes are Maybelline in the colors (left to right): Pretty Cool, Give Me Chills and Blizzard Brown. In the below picture I swatched them for you!

I have only used one of the colors, bottom far right (blizzard brown) and I REALLY like it!The color was more of a beigey frost color. It went on easy and really had a great staying power. They are shimmery, not glittery, so if you don't like that shimmery effect then these aren't for you. Let me know if you've tried these before and if you love or hate them!! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and youtube channel :) Thanks Ya'll :)


  1. Its the best feeling when you find makeup you like at a dollar store. Especially when its well known brands like these. Ive never tried these type of shadows I would love to see how you actually used them, maybe an idea for a first tutorial? ;)

  2. I found ELF eyeshadow there too but that was about a month ago! I totally agree with you...it's great idea for a first tutorial!! Thanks for following my blog!

  3. The colors are amazing! I didn't know L'oreal and Maybelline had cream/liquid shadows!

  4. Love this http://britters89.blogspot.com/