Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Maybelline Limited Edition Color Tattoos

So as many of you beauty addicts, like myself, know that with each season come new makeup products. Well Maybelline has come out with a Spring Limited Edition line called The Nudes. There's lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadow quads, blush sticks, nail polish and their ever favorite Color Tattoos.

Unfortunately , as I mentioned, these are Limited Edition (insert eye roll and dying groaning sound) which makes them harder to find and if you do find them, the displays are usually wiped. I was fortunate enough to locate two at Bed Bath and Beyond and the rest at my local CVS. I am a bit disappointed that there are NO MATTE'S in this line. I figured with it being "The Nudes" there would be some matte Color Tattoos but there aren't...bummer.

 I will say that if you already have most of the Color Tattoos in the permanent line then you could really skip on a few of these new ones (see below). I have taken pictures with and without flash below so you can see swatches of the colors. I also swatched a few colors from the permanent line and compared them to three of the limited edition colors. Hope this is helpful!!

Without/With Flash

Without/With Flash - If you have Bad to the Bronze, Barely Beige and Barely Branded, which are all in the permanent line, you really could skip on getting Sleek and Spice, Pure Nude and Beinge-ing Beauty.



  1. Love all of these….Inked in Pink is my go to daily favorite….but Nude Compliment looks amazing.

    1. I love Inked in Pink too!! It's such a perfect pink and can really be worn everyday or with a smokier look!! Nude Compliment is going to be my new favorite go to! I just love it!!